There Is Only Forever

A great group of the chosen gathered
to ponder, close by heavens' gate
They had a pressing need to know
how all had come this way today
Upon this chosen date

Though borne so safe on angels' wings
a heartbreak trail was left behind
And as the cause of only grief;
They asked why sorrow was to be life's parting gift
All that remains of years to find

And while they prayed and thought so much
The Lord of glory walked by then
And said, there's much to know of why you came
and about the way a heart is led
For all My love to comprehend

You fulfilled your days upon the earth
Your courageous purpose there is done
I knew for you, what pain the memory would become-
So I called you to unveil more of Myself
For your dearest ones to know my love

They live on now to overcome
Each day they will seek to see your face
Your leaving them, is your embrace
Departing is a gift to give
To show more of My loving grace

They will be sad a few short years
Missing you and all they had
But, sadness serves to bring them near
and then one day will fade to naught
When there is forever, to be so glad

There are no tears, no fears to keep
Only rejoicing now, for all ahead
I'll give them strength, and give them hope
I will make sure they're truly fed
So they will know you are not dead

You gave your life, as I have mine
To taste of death to see divine
All who love Me are already here, in heart they fly
In all I am, each heart is blessed
In Me, we never say goodbye


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Death is the gift of heaven


Come To Me MCS Music

Come with me to my kingdom..
just take my hand and I will lead the way
Walk with me, through my home land and together we will turn,
the darkness into day
Come to my kingdom it's a place that's full of joy,
peace and harmony
Come with me...our Father's waiting and eternal love...
is what all will receive.
Come with my kingdom ...Just take my hand...
and have belief in me
Come to me...leave behind your pain and sorrow...if you trust in me and my Father...your soul it will be freed
Come with me...and I'll help you through your journey...just take my hand and I will lead the way
Walk with me...and I'll always be beside you...and together we'll turn...the darkness into day

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