~ There Is Very Little Thunder ~

There is very little thunder
in the centre, the heart,
of the perfect will of God
The thunder, only roars upon the edge
where winds will rage in fury,
the shutters crash, the nights seem
dark and dreary, but, in the centre,
it is hushed, where quiet waters
flow, of very gentle
and whispers will be known.

A path runs through the centre
It leads somewhere,
carrying the heart, to places,
that are always right to go.
There is light, illumination,
of life's destiny, gentle conversation,
for listening enough....
There is kindness, goodness,
security, and pretty rainbows-
never ending love.

Sometimes, lightning strikes,
and a raging fire, sweeps on by,
but, it is only for a purpose,
for deep and meaningful
cleansing, to burn away
the empty dross, the
wild imaginations, the
whatever trivial,
needed to be lost.

It may burn and smart a little,
but, soon there comes a soothing
balm, a healing gentle cool...
For the stream of life is true,
so very calm,
refreshing in delight.
There is never barren death,
only energy unfurled, for
in the loving heart of God-
there is always perfect rest.

There is very little thunder
in the centre of God's will,
there is only peace within
the nucleus
of all that God instills...
the hurt caressed and blessed,
the spirit born anew,
the soul is ever comforted, the
forever filled.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © Jan 2010

May God be
the peace of all things calm
the place to hide from harm
the light that shines in dark
the heartís eternal spark
the door thatís open wide
the guest who waits inside
the Father with you still
the love, to keep from ill
the light, the truth, the way
Savior, friend, this very day.
Celtic Prayer

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Image used with permission from Comteche

Midi from Taitai Studio