~ The Stem That Holds The Rose ~
The strength that helps us hold on,
When all hope seems far away.
Is the faith that lives within us,
And grows stronger with each prayer we say.

It is like the stem that holds the rose,
The blossoms could never make the day,
If it were not for the strong and thorny stem,
That allowed it to bloom that way.

The stem grows strong up toward the sun,
It thickens and yet it shows,
The tiny buds that in a short time,
Will bloom into a delicate rose.

This rose cannot stand all by itself,
God did not create it to be alone.
It needs the stem to lean upon,
So it can grow and reach heights unknown.

The stem is often a forgotten thing,
But without its' strength, there couldn't be,
The fragrance, the velvet and beauty that is grown,
As the rose lifts its' grace for all to see.

Not everyone can be a fashioned rose,
With beauty beyond compare.
The flower itself is one of God's very best,
A symbol of love with others to share.

But always remember that without the stem,
It would be impossible for the creation it holds,
To live at all or even raise it lovely head.
Without the stem, there would never be a rose.

So let us all be aware that we never know,
Whose symbolic stem that we might be.
The rose we carry today may be most delicate,
So may God bless us with inner vision to see.

The importance of those who share God's gift,
Like the sun that warms the flower that grows,
Must remember their part is to remain strong and straight,
Like the Stem that Holds the Beautiful and Perfect Rose.

Written by Karen Bunker
September 24, 2009



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Midi "Prayer" by Yuko Ohigashi
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