~ The Test ~

My ole daddy used to tell me
Mind yours, leave theirs alone
God knows their every intention
He can hear it in their tone

Nothing escapes the Lord, son
True forgiveness will surely last
Repeated sin over and over again
Let final judgment be His task

Mend the fence that needs mendin'
Donít try to fix what ainít broke
Never waste a day with what folks say
God does hear every thought spoke

Laugh loud and long when ya can
Just cry when ya need to cry
Trust Him in everything that happens
Try to refrain from asking why

Let gossip live in the ears who speak it
Meanness will grow wherever it can
Turn the other cheek as often as needed
God will tell ya when to make your stand

Work hard as long as ya can work
Sakes alive, rest when ya need to rest
Always give thanks in good times or bad
Because in the end thereís gonna be a test

Those words echo like distant thunder
In this heart they will forever last
With a little work, and Godly direction
Itís a simple test that we all can pass...

Jeffery Paul Guest © 2010

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