~ The Treasure ~

I dreamed that I was in Heaven.
I was searching for just the right thing.
I had just gotten there and I looked everywhere.
If I don’t find it soon , I may scream!

In Heaven, it would be called a treasure.
It is the one that I hoped most to find.
Right after Jesus, the thing that would please us,
Would be something deliciously divine.

“Hi Mom, I’ve been trying to find you?
What’s that smell? Did you make that for me”?
I found myself running, the smell was so stunning,
In the distance, what is that I see?

I saw a beautiful table.
Decorated with dark wonderful treats!
As they came into view, I finally knew,
That these chocolates were waiting for me!!

I said, “Lord, thank You for this banquet,
I KNEW there’d be chocolate up here.
Cuz, we women might cry, But, instead we can sigh,
For chocolate we let out a cheer”!



Karen Bunker © March 31, 2008

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 Midi is used with permission
© Margi Harrell