I could see by naked eye
A mansion beneath Heaven's sky
All was quiet; all was still
Just bits of moon beyond the hill

A night time vision only He
Would think of sharing ~ just with me
The sight so awesome in the night
The moon to add the heart's delight

The mansion seemed to softly rise
Above the earth; below the skies
No stars to light the way tonight
And not a soul was in my sight

I think, perhaps, He shared with me
Yet one more wonder I should see
Perhaps I dreamt it in the night
This awesome wonder of delight

Before I closed my eyes, you see
I share with you what was shared with me
Another of God's pure delights
I smiled, turned over - turned out the light

I could not help to hope this scene
Was not only one within a dream
Perhaps one day I'll take you too
And also share this mystic view

I think perhaps it was a dream
One of those oh so Godly things
I close my eyes; try to return
I had much more I'd like to learn

This I do know - that God does share
He has such wonders everywhere
I'll pray to go there once again
Although I'm doubtful, my dear friend

It will be seen by others soon
Above the ground; beneath the moon
Thank you Lord - an awesome sight
Lord, please keep me through this night

I climb into my bed and say a prayer
And yes, my Holy Spirit's there
Goodnight and thank you Lord above
For sharing wonders of your love

Mary Anne Ray August 20, 2006
written especially for this page
God's Little Whispers



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 Midi by Yuko Ohigashi
2003 used with permission

Set by Spiritisup