~  The Wonder Of Fall  ~

We look around this time of year
And see God's creatures running near
To gather in the precious grain
So winter food will still remain

Throughout the cold and snowy days
When it's so cold, no time to play
Those little ones are wise and ready
To make their lives all warm and steady!

They seem to be more alert than man
By gathering goodies while they can
Never wasting any, not using all at once,
So all winter there'll be plenty

I often wonder how they remember
Where it's stored from beginning of September?
'Cause while I watch them gather much
They always hide it in a different bunch

They run to east and then to the west
Finding a place to store it best
Then spring breaks out and you can see,
Them come right back and there retrieve

One store is in a secret hole, cut so precise
In just the earth that's dry and nice
Then comes one, from out a tree
The face of a squirrel you barely see

I'm fascinated so by all of this,
Waiting and watching til they're all done
Not missing any little crumb
Remembering where they're coming from?

Betty Hill © 2007

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