~ They'll Be The Whisper In Your Heart ~

They'll be the warmth in every breeze
And the wind that blows the leaves
They'll be the whisper in your heart
And the soft touch upon your cheek.

They'll be the angel in your dreams
And the bright stars up in the sky
They'll be the laughter of each child
And the new born baby's gentle cry.

They will be the chirping of the birds
As each new morn they sing
They will be as free as butterflies
That fly upon the whispering wings.

They will never be forgotten
The ones that have gone on
But someday we'll be with them
Right near His royal throne

Although we shed some tears
In our hearts we see them home
They're the angels watching over us
Keeping us always, safe and warm.


Sandy Edwards

This Poem Is Dedicated
to all that we have
Lost and have Gone home
to be with the Lord

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