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Oh what a mighty God I serve
No other one but He
Could create the universe
And the likes of you and me

He tells the sun "it's time to shine"
Gives rain where it is needed
Tells the moon where it can hide
til the night, when day's completed

Hides the little stars, in a perfect place
Where they can not come into view
Until it's dark and time to shine
Just like they're supposed to do

He told the ocean big and wide
You stay in your place
The land I have reserved
For the human race

He turns the sky from blue to gray
As easy as He turns the night to day
He talks to the trees when it's time to sleep
When they must now shed all their leaves

The fish in the pond hear His every word
As do the beetles and all the birds
They all listen and obey,
Tho' they know nothing of how to pray!

Now just imagine how nice it would be
If mankind would do as these little creatures
And hear His voice, be quick to obey
And take advantage of our right to pray?


Betty Hill 2007

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