~ This Is America ~

This is America
The land that I love
The red and white and blue
Here is where freedom lives
Where hopes and dreams come true

This is America
The home of the brave
I am so proud
When the flag is raised
For the glory, may it wave

Whenever there is a big parade
We stand up tall, salute,
Whether we are white or black,
Red or yellow, we love
The Declaration of Independence too

This is America
God bless the Soldiers who keep us strong
There is no place I'd rather be-
Than this land our God has blessed
Where we are safe and free

I salute you now America
The land where we can do all things
How glad I am to be true, born
In this great country where the Eagle soars
"America" I love you

Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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