~ This October ~

I read today that leaves are
Turning gold up in the mountains;
And it reminded me of crisp October days
In Nelson County when I would hike,
Alone, among the Hills.

But this October, I would like
To walk those Hills with you;
Take you to my favorite spot
That overlooks the river; watch as
Autumn leaves Fall into Winter.

We wouldn’t talk -- just sit alone, together;
Watch the gentle changing of the guard.
It happens almost imperceptibly,
As Summer haze gives way to Autumn days.
And I have often missed it,
Plunging headlong into Winter’s gale.

But this October,
I will notice every leaf that falls;
Every subtle change to red from green,
Because October came, this year, so softly –
In just the way you slipped into my life.

You may both leave as gently as you came.
And I’ll not try to hold you, for good Friends
And October must always be kept free; and
Trying to detain you both for longer than you wish to stay,
Would be as foolish as assuming I could hold the wind.

But, since you’re here and we’re not in a hurry,
We ought to go – the three of us, together;
Walk awhile among the Friendship feelings,
While I tell you both how glad I am you’re here.

Sandy Clarke © 2006


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