~ Three Simple Missions ~

Every follower of the Lord
is to fulfill three simple missions.

The first mission is the mission of joy.

A believer receives the good news of Godís salvation
and for such, is full of joy,
knowing that they are a child of the King.
Their face radiates with cheerfulness
and they delight in serving others.
Happiness is contagious as
of God's joy they gladly sing.

The second mission is the mission of love.

God is love and He loves His creation.
That love flows through those
who are sent to sow the seed of love and unity.
The Lord asks us to love one another
just as the sun shines on everybody
and trees give shade to all who come beneath.

The third mission is the mission of friendship.

Christians, as bearers of good news,
are also planting seeds of
friendships that never end.
They are Godís friends, and Godís
friends are also their eternal friends.

Let us ask the Lord
to make us carriers of joy and happiness.
Let us ask the Lord to enable us
to be affectionate, trusting and helpful
to the lost, the least and to the less.

Let us ask Him for the grace we need
to be faithful in our mission to spread the delight
of experiencing, down here, a bit of heaven,
by treating all with fondness and tenderness,
to live, getting along well
with Godís marvelous creations of life.

And all the glory, be given back to HIM.

© 2010 Lydia Naoe

God bless you as you share
His joy, His love and His friendship


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