~ Through It All ~

We are sometimes heavy laden
Striving on in a careless life
We forget that Jesus loves us
And will take away our strife

'Thru it all', He's always waiting
His love for us to show
'Thru it all', He'll give us comfort
With His spirit here below

In trials and tribulation
And the things that we endure
He will give us consolation
Remind us what we're working for

He is our strength in battle
As we fight the enemy
He will help our situation
He will always set us free

'Thru it all' just keep believing
For His word is tried and true
And 'thru it all' My dear Savior
Will be there to comfort you

If we trust and never doubt Him
He will take us 'thru it all'
And we won't have to worry
We'll be there, We've made it 'thru it all'

Betty Hill 2006

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