~ Through My Binoculars ~

I was having such a patch of trouble
Finding you today
In the missin'
And the li'l wishin'
You might come my way

I searched through all my emails
Came up with a blank
Peered through my binoculars
To find out where you was
And my li'l heart just sank

'Cause you were just not findable
As here I stayed all day
And everywhere I looked
For all the time it took
Oh me, oh my, I might have prayed

I thought about God's great big eyes
How He spots you all the time
And when you're set
I'll hear from you yet
Fur-ever friend of mine

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Every day that
I sit down and open up my email, when
I find that it is from you, I think, you are such
a delightful friend to cheer me and
keep me upbeat. Thanks.
from me to you


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by Leo Delibes (1866) arr: G. Pollen (1999)


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