~ Through My Cyber Door ~

Our cyber friendship
is a direct result of the Lord's great love
for us, as we have come to know
He knew we would become more isolated
in the hectic workaday society around us,
of a world rushing to and fro

The way our communities function
we just don't live near enough to find,
or interact with folk, who have the same interests,
so our Heavenly Father in His wisdom
has given us this gift
of treasured friends on-line

It is a blessing, not having to face traffic
and danger to know the comfort
of a caring friend's heart,
for now we can safely chat at home
with those who share the love of God
whether they are near or far

As we communicate spirit to spirit
by our written words,
in this unseen, but very real world,
I thank God every day for His gift
of a very special friend, who prays for me
and cares in ways I have never known before

I am so grateful He chose you
to walk through my cyber door

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

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