~ Thanksgiving Blessings
For Our Soldiers In Iraq ~

May our soldiers in Iraq
Be blessed for all they do
Keeping us safe from terror
Looking out for us too

May our soldiers have Thanksgiving Blessings
I pray they come home real soon...
Living in the desert and sleeping there every night
Is not a happy picture for them to send,
Their children or their wife.

As for the women who work in the desert heat
We here in the USA, will never see defeat
So to these young soldiers
Who live in a world of pain
I know how hard it is-
With guns and bombs
That could have your name

This Thanksgiving, look at the sky so blue
For there is hope in all you see and in all you do
God, I know, is with you
He lives within your hearts
You fight for freedom and I know you see "God's Art"

Thanksgiving Blessings, to our soldiers in Iraq
I hear your planes, I pray for your fight
For love of our country, for peace, oh, so clear
The people are watching...
And as sure as the setting sun
I know you will all come home...
For in America we are one.

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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