~ Tide Of Emotions ~

My life is like the ocean's tide
Forever lapping at the shore
The ebb and flow of the tide
Comes from my inner core.

My feelings are derived from here
And each day the 'tide' rushes in
The moment I wake up in the morning
Is when it all begins.

All day long I'm forever reaching
Struggling to maintain and please
Storms affect the currents and tide
It has the same effect on me.

The ebb and flow of my emotions
Changes with the passing of each day
Depending on events in my life
It will determine whether I'm sad or gay.

Words can change the currents within
Redirect the course that's meant to be
Take me off the path set out
Hinder and try to control me.

But no one can control the ocean's tide
And my life will continue to flow
Only He can control all these things
And on His path I will continue to go.

Chee Chee Martin 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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