~ Time Changes Things #15 ~
(gonna write a poem)

I'm sitting here with time on hand
Wondering, what now should I do?
Can't spell too good and can barely write
But gonna try a poem or two

I'll flip the words all around
To make them fit the mold
Of a story I've got in my head
So in poetry it might be told

I'll turn a sentence inside out
Just to get a word to rhyme
Using verbs so liberally
Maybe even two at a time

Spelling, I don't do so good
I'll spell the way it sounds
Or maybe I'll look through a book
'Til a good word can be found

There's a story I must tell
And I wanna do it well
I'm gonna do it all by myself
'Cause a poem story I must tell

I'm gonna write that poem today
'Tis a good way to spend my time
It might not make no sense at all
But I bet I can make it rhyme

I won't use any punctuation
Don't think nobody will mind
As long as I get my story told
With rhythm and in rhyme

Betty Hill and Yolanda Cohen 2006

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