Time Changes Things #16
{Was it a ball?}

Well, I tell you one thing now my friend
The joy of living here just never ends

About the time you say to your self
I need a snack from my goodie shelf

In comes an attendant to help you out
That keeps you smiling, never a pout

Now I feel so young again, as I've rested up
This shady pines living won't make ya' tough

But it sure will make you feel like a kid
And do crazy things just like they did

So I found something that looked like a ball?
But when I threw it against the wall

It stuck....it would not come down
I was not high enough off the ground

To reach up there and get it back
So I used the broom and gave it a" WHACK"

Still it was stuck so tight to the wall
now worried was I and begin to call

Help me someone to get that thing down
But seems there was just no one else around

I got a chair to climb up there
Now I was stuck...too high , Do I dare?

So I gave a little jump to help me out
That's when suddenly the lights went out

A few hours later as the lights came back on
I noticed the thing on the wall was gone?

Now what was that thing I thought was a ball?
The thing that got caught up there on that wall

I wonder what happened and where did it go
But I won't ask about it, don't want them to know!

Betty Hill and Yolanda Cohen 2007

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