Time Changes Things #17
{I Still Don't Know?}

Well here I am once again
To tell how things have been

Since I threw what looked like a ball
That didn't bounce back from the wall

I still don't know what I threw
That's the truth I'm telling you

It was round and shiny, I know that
And it stuck to the wall like a tack

I climbed on a chair, whacked it with a broom
When I swung I knocked it out of the room

I heard somebody say, 'what's that?'
Another answered 'I'll get it and bring it back'

Then nobody said another word
What it was, I never heard

As it went flying down the hall
Nobody saw me take a fall

I picked me up and jumped back in bed
And thought I'd rest my weary head

A nurse came by and said, 'you ok?'
I wondered what she expected me to say

I moaned a bit, just to see
If perchance she was suspecting me

Then she walked right out the door
Never said anything more

Now I'm going crazy just because
Nobody will say just what it was

I was glad to see the aid bring my tray
Food might take this feeling away

'Brought a Candied Apple', I heard her say
Like the one I brought you yesterday

I wish I could tell you more than this
But since that fall, my brain is a mess

If I find out more, I'll let you know
Right now I'm sorry, I must go

And eat this Candied Apple

Betty Hill and Yolanda Cohen 2007

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