Time Changes Things

Time has changed
Too many things for me
It's changed my eyes
Now I can hardly see

My mail is piling high
It's so hard to read
Friends keep telling me
Itís glasses that you need

So I called the Dr. up
Asked what I should do
Make an appointment for later
I'll check your eyes for you

Oh yes, I heard the Dr. say
Those old eyes are dim
You need glasses right away
How will you pay for them?

When I heard the price
Of what those things will cost
I very nearly fainted
I thought that all was lost

But the nice little nurse
Whispered in my ear
Go to the corner drug store
They sell glasses there

Off I went that day
To see if I could find them
A sales lady pointed
Said, look over in that bin

What ones should I take?
I asked her right away
She said keep trying them on
'Til the dimness fades away

As I tried them on
One right after the other
I was getting dizzy
Thought to myself, O' brother

The clerk stepped up and says
Donít stop 'til you see clear
That will be the ones
That you are supposed to wear

So after a long, long while
And trying on so many
I felt like giving up
I couldn't see clear thru any

When I put them on
The floor would rise up in my face
The very thought of that
Filled me with disgrace

How could these things help me read?
It was a puzzle to me
Something that felt so dangerous
Was this how I used to see?

I really don't remember
Can't seem to get it straight
I don't think I can walk at all
With these things on my face

The ground stays way up high
While I have them on
I was doing better
When my sight was nearly gone

Yolanda Cohen and Betty Hill © 2005




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