~ Time Is Of Essence ~

Gotta do this
gotta do that.
Hurry and scurry
I'm no aristocrat.

Can't dictate
time for this.
I'm so tired
I'm in a fizz.

I need someone
to guide me through.
Someone who knows
why I've been blue.

Looking around
the room so large.
Dusty, disorganized
I need someone in charge.

The Book sits
under papers piled so high.
Maybe, just maybe
it could clarify.

Lifting the Book
rippled the pages.
Opening, reading
set some new stages.

God, my Father
knew of my plight.
He directed me
out into the light.

Now my time
is carefully spent.
I pray, get still,
it's no accident.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2005

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