~ Times Are Changing ~

Look back many years, to days gone by
Remember long walks, and a blue, blue sky
Think about carefree days, a clear starry night
Look around you now; something doesn't seem right

We took walks at dusk, stayed out after dark
All our children could play alone in a park
Mom & Dad never worried about the stranger in town
Stealing our children when no one was around

Kids could ride their bikes alone to the beach
And not worry about those they pass by on the street
Now it's Don't talk to strangers, do not look their way
If a stranger approaches you run, run away!

The World is changing so rapidly
We must look over our shoulder, constantly
No trust for our fellow man, not like before
Neighbors, and friends are now locking their door

Children are kept at arms length at all hours
Out of fear the boogie man will surface, and devour
Women & men are being abducted, and killed
And our Churches, holding funerals, are constantly filled

God never intended we all be afraid
Of living in a world he lovingly made
He never intended for our children to suffer
By cold hearted parents, or hateful hands of another

The Lord intended for one, and all to be free
By His sacrifice he gave for us all on that tree
We were made in His image, with great care from above
Now days, it seems, most have forgotten how to love

God will have the last say in His time, and season
He will change it all back, bring this world back to reason
He will enter in Glory, and call us out one, by one
Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, His Son

Sin will be gone, and a new Earth will rise
The world will then be rid of satan's BIG LIE
No more hate will continue to lead us in fear
For the Lord in His Glory, will finally be here.

Debbie L. Looney  4/25/2005
Dream World of Inspiration


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