~ 'Tis You That I Miss ~

Aye, and I must tell how I miss
You, dear one today,
The sweetness and love in your eye;
I miss the soft words that flow
from your heart, that I long to hear
and you love to say...

And I sure miss the pleasure
Of where I belong
near your lovely soul-
Where the wind is so soft
from the thoughts of your mind
and the charm of your song...

and, I'm surely here missing
the gift of your sweetness,
your kindness, compassion;
The prayers that you wish,
your tender enchantment
as I sigh, reminisce..

And as love's soft music
in rapture floats free,
Then let me express my dear, how I care;
'tis you I sure miss,
for the charm of your love
is a blessing to me.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Feb 2010

I'm crossing the sky, where we never fly
The sea, where the great schooner's ride
It breaks my heart still, for we are apart,
But I won't say farewell,
for you stay in my heart,
For absence now comes, to make our heart fond,
And 'pon the night's end
and each day's begun,
May the Lord's mighty hand
hold you close in His love.

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