~ To Be Loved On Valentines Day ~

It is so very beautiful to be loved on Valentine's Day
For me, it means your love for me will never end
I placed your roses in a vase of purest white
In your arms you will hold me close to you tonight

To be loved on Valentine's Day
Is my vow of love I give to you
Our love is a true love
Forever, I will always walk with you

An everlasting springtime
With flowers falling from the air
My undying love will call to you
This Valentine's Day can show me
Just how to get me there

How very wonderful
Is the love we always had
I see it shine within our hearts
It is with me everywhere

To be loved on Valentine's Day
Is a gift, our souls as one have come to be
Loving you is the best thing
That ever happened to me.

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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