~ To Know Perfection ~

I saw such beauty heavenward
While kneeling down in prayer,
I looked beyond the sky to see
The splendor my Lord has said is there.

Come, I will reveal to you the Bride
The angel called to John,
The beautiful wife of the lamb
For you to gaze upon.

See this mansion in the heavens
Fashioned triumphantly,
God's been at work designing her
To fit Him perfectly.

How can I imagine the glowing beauty,
All the brilliant shine, promised for all time.
Such dazzling jasper walls
Where the bride will richly dine.
The gates all formed of pearls
And streets transparent gold,
Foundations of magnificent layers
Twelve jewels will unfold.

The first layer, burns of Jasper red,
Sapphire gleaming richest blue.
Chalcedony quartz in glorious tone,
Emerald illustrious in deep green hue.
Sardony alternating
orange, yellow, white,
Vivid red carnelian
enhances olive green chrysolite.

Beryl incandescent green,
blue and yellow bright,
Translucent blue topaz,
illuminates such a wondrous sight.

Chrysoprase glimmering with golden green,,
Jacinth radiates an autumn glow
Purple amethyst royal in brilliance,
All the glory of God to show.

I see One seated on the rainbow throne,
Saying "I am making all things new
My Word is trustworthy, forever true.

To him who is thirsty,
Come to drink of Me
To him who overcomes
I will be a Father eternally."

Those found in the Lamb's book of life
Are the pure, the washed, the blessed.
They will drink of the water of life,
Will eat of the tree of life,
Live forever in this promised rest
And know God's perfect best.

I found no temple worship there
The Lord's beauty was all to see,
His glory the only light
"HE" illuminating all eternity.

I looked for tears
But there was none,
I looked for death,
But it was stolen by The Son.

I looked for pain,
For it's mournful
wretched sigh,
But I found
only joy,
For no-one
will ever die.

Revelation 21

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission




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