~ Tomorrow Is A Day For You And Me ~

How can I tell you how dear you are
I know we can begin again
Tomorrow is a day for you and me
As we look up into heaven

At the birds which fly among the trees
Have you ever seen
How they love each other
It is beautiful to see

Let me bring you to this place of love
Our once upon a time
If we could love the way we did
We could hear angels singing in the sky

Never let me go, I need
To kiss your sweet face, maybe tomorrow
We can make a day for you and me
To feel again love's symphony

You must know how deeply my love goes
Every bright star, tells you so
So please tomorrow
Let us try some more

Can you see the tears falling on my face
Let us give this new day a chance
Tomorrow is a day for you and me
So our love will go through eternity

Linda Ann Henry 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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