~ Tonight's The Night! ~

Today's the day, tonight's the night.
To go out and give some fright.
Big pointed hat and witchy shoes
Going to go on a scaring cruise.

Stick a large wart upon my chin,
scare them into the looney bin.
One on my nose, blacken me eyes,
look in the mirror, what a surprise.

The effect is good without a doubt.
Even better with me teeth out.
T' will carry me wand in me pocket.
Maybe I'll take one eye from it's socket.

The kitty cat has ran into the room,
he loves riding on me magic broom.
Come here black cat, sit by my side.
Cling on with claws, prepare to ride.

The ghouls will all be a prowling
The werewolf will be a howling
The ghosts will all be saying, Boo.
I think it's time I called on you!

~ * ~

Joyful Jan
Oct. 2009


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