Woman at the Well

Too Busy!!!

Is your day too busy
To lend a helping hand
To someone who's in need,
A sad or lonely man?

Is your life so very full
You can't find the time to give
A few spare minutes of it
To help someone to live?


What if Christ was too busy
To feed the hungry, the sick to heal?
To teach us of His compassion;
To do His Father's will?

What if He had been so busy
He couldn't teach us how to pray?
"Leave me alone, I'm too busy!
I've games to watch today!"

What if He had been too busy
To climb that Hill that day?
What if He couldn't have found the time
To give His life away?


What if He didn't have a moment
To die upon that splintered tree?
Tell me, friend, if He was too busy,
Just where would our souls be?

So, if you feel that you're too busy
To give some time up for Him,
What would your life be Like?
"I'm too busy to die for your sin!"

Are YOU too busy??


Lynn King 2006

~I'm busy serving HIM!~

~I am whom I am but for the grace, love, glory and
MERCY of our Lord~

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