No, my friend, today's not Christmas...
But, it sure feels like it.
For my heart is filled with love and happiness,
and lifted are my spirits!

And it's all because of "You",
That I'm having a wonderful day!
And so my friend, with all my heart...
I've come your way to say...

I've been touched by an angel!

And yes, that's "You", my friend...
You are the very special angel,
that has touched my life and made
my days and nights so wonderful!

May everyday of your life
be touched by an angel...
The way you have touched mine!

Donna Minnick
July 2005
Creations From The Heart


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You can find this angel on one of the many Christmas trees
at Raspberry Manor near Mena, Arkansas
Raspberry Manor is an eclectic Inn
surrounded by the magnificent Ouachita Mountains.
A truly beautiful place you don't want to miss.

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