~ Touch Of Love ~

I have many friends
More than I ever knew
They touch me with their love
Their souls come shining through

I have been given so many gifts
Much more than I can see
When I look into my mirror
Jesus comes to me

A touch of gentle love
Makes me all warm inside
I feel I belong to many
Heaven's joy is now my guide

Let me take your hand,
As I reach now for it's warmth
Let me hug you special friend
Let me see moonbeams ever glowing
For true love never ends

I feel your touch, soft as a gentle kiss
I see golden light shining in your eyes
To be blessed with so many friends
Is much to my surprise.

Though tears trickled down my face
You loved me through it all,
You raised me up,
With Jesus help and call

I was to you unknown
But now you know my name
I have dear hearts who love me
Without a care from where I came

Jesus gave me the gift of life
With friends I'd one day know
You are all God's presents
He Himself, has made you glow.


Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet
Written for the people in my life:
Heartwhispers, Cheechee,
Misty and Cyndi
and those who read my poetry
You are all God's presents to me.

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