~ To Walk Your Cobblestones ~

I have a feeling, right this very moment
To tightly lace my comfy shoes
And just walk on up your cobblestones
To spend the day with you

I would come right to your doorstep,
Maybe from the journey, tattered torn;
With joy and love, you'd say come in.
And so gently close the door

Yet reality is, life has us far apart
In time and distance, on life's carousel
But.. my heart still walks on up your cobblestones
Each morning, can't you tell..

For our net friendship has us covered
There's so much more to share
When just a mere click away
We are so near to care

I really can be in your life
E'en more, than door to door
For, day or night, we have connection
In kindness and support

Joined as one in spirit,
I thank God for your every loving thought


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

If you were here, or I was there,
think of all we could do! I miss you!
But...love can be a simple smile,
love can travel every mile,
love can be many prayers to say,
love said 'I thank God for you today'


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Paul Gentry and Elton Smith

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