Pres. Andrew Jackson, America honors his name
But hearts should feel only shame
History records his deeds with pride
but he was a master of genocide

Chief Junaluska saved the life of Jackson
but was ill rewarded for his brave action ...
When next their paths would meet
it would be the trail of lies and deceit

There was never any question of justice
when the white man said "trust us"
When by orders, General Scott began his raids
Unwilling Cherokees were throw in stockades

Sadness filled the Cherokee heart
as their clans were torn apart ...
The white man thought of only his gain
While the Cherokees suffered in pain

Brother Owl watched with tearful eye
knowing 4000 Cherokees would die
With merciful wings he would guide
and lead their spirits to the other side

Along that trail they struggled each day
leaving blood and tears along the way ...
The old and sick that they could not save
and had to lay in an unmarked grave ...

The old man who lost his son
to the butt end of a soldier's gun
The Mothers who lost their young
Their brave heart's sorrow yet unsung

All along that trail of tears and deceit
they trudged with open bleeding feet
Leaving bloody foot prints in the snow
with painful sorrow none should ever know

Great Spirit watched from the clouds
His Cherokee children, so brave, so proud
His own proud Cherokee Nation
Dying of white man's diseases and starvation

Sleeping on a hard cold ground
with no blankets to be found ...
They trudged on braving the bitter cold
with agonized suffering of heart and soul

All along that sorrowful trail
Cherokee blood and tears fell
The old, young and the weak
Only with silent tears did they speak

Great Spirit watched from the skies
Only He could hear their cries ...
With a heart's tear in his eye
He watched His children suffer and die ...

It was a treatment unjust and unfair
Along that trail forever floating on air
You can hear their foot falls yet ...
And Tsalagi hearts will never forget ...

Cherokee hearts suffered that wrong
but today their brave hearts grow strong
Though Clans are scattered far and near
The Cherokee Spirit survived, we are still here!

Cherokee Nation continues and has grown
Our blood flows rich across American homes
From extended family to reservation
We are still the proud Cherokee Nation!

As each generation greets the dawn
We still sing Ancestor's songs
No matter where we live, work or gather
In our hearts we are Cherokee Forever ...

Tsalagi Igohidv!

Barbara LaBarbera 2004

Quote: We are Tsalagi,
the people called Cherokee Forever
~John Night Eagle~



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