~ Tread-A-Li'l ~

Today, I shall tread-a-li'l careful
I'll tread-a-li'l soft,
For now's when I zip over to say
I love my Mom a lot.

I will tread-a-li'l tender
And slip her way a li'l bit,
A li'l shy, a li'l cut up
With my special li'l gift.

I will tread-a-li'l sweetly
Bobbin' with reel care,
To hook and eye my Momma
With the love I have to share.

I'll butt-in on her reverie
And pin her to the wall,
In the measuring of my pride
In the giving of her all.

For when I need-a-li'l patchin'
When I need-a-li'l love
I tread-a-li'l to my Mother
'Cause she always says to come.

Today she'll need-a-li'l thank you
So I will tread-a-li'l path
Where the thread of all began
Pumping in her heart

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems April 2009

Mom, I love you,
you are sew special

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midi..Pua Lilia K. Nishimura
Kauai Style 1996



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