~ Treasured Friend ~

Knotted tightly to our heart
Is a friend that's tried and true
We are not drawn away to every smile
Beckoning for view

For a good old friend
Will know us through and through
They understand our need much more
Than another who is shiny new

So we keep ties with those we know
Who share the memories very sweet
For the time will always come
When we need to reminisce

We cannot lose the bonds we've made
With the one we know is pure
For the love we share with them
Will always endure


Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2006

The sweet friends you have
Their adoption tried and true
Grapple them to your soul
with knots of love anew
Do not turn aside
into the empty entertainment
of a hatchling
flighty to pursue

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