~ Trees Of Color ~

Florida does not have autumn,
Instead the "green" is all year around.
So when an opportunity is presented,
Off to another State for colors to be found.

Driving the mountains of Tennessee,
Curving roads amid the forest of many trees.
Their colors varied of red, bronze and gold,
To an observer's eyes, a spectacle of harmony.

As another descriptive poet has said,
"There is nothing as lovely as a tree."
Autumn time speaks for itself,
The fluttering of leaves colorful and so free.

The beginning of a warm Indian summer,
Memories of an talented artist's rendering.
Showing different seasons of farmland,
Cornstalks, haystacks, smoke ascending.

Ah! the crisp fall air descending among the trees,
Smell the wood fire, grasp the fallen leaves.
Stir up the campfire, hug yourself in jubilee,
Autumn is here for a short while, but do not grieve.

There will be another time and place,
To enjoy the fruits of autumn and it's trees.
For now, relax and savor this time of year,
The colors of the countryside before they flee.


 Joan C. Nelson-Payne 10/7/06

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