~ Tribal Wisdom ~

Cherokee blood is running through my veins
I'm proud to say this is so
A strong and powerful tribe was born
Thousands of years ago.

A wonderful heritage I have discovered
My great-great grandmother was Cherokee
Her knowledge of the earth was passed on down
Through generations and finally to me.

Such wisdom comes from all the tribes
Whether you're Hopi, Cheyenne, or Cherokee
So many lessons we could all learn
Pay attention, open your eyes, and see.

Our elders tell us the earth is crying
We've abused her and ravaged her so
She's trying to tell us to change our ways
Or we'll never see another rainbow.

All tribes are in tune with the spirits
And they live their lives accordingly
The spirits whisper into their ears
"Mother Earth forever holds the key."

Honor all the spirits of living things
Learn to respect the land on which you walk
Listen to the whisperings in the wind
You can hear them trying to talk.

Chee Chee Martin 2005

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