~ A Tribute To My Grandparents ~
They were not meant to move on
Those tender years of yore,
Your skin so soft
Your hair aglow,
With the beauty you were living for
As each moment crept along,
Hanging in suspense
Time did not pass
And nothing changed
For there was always life beyond the fence.

Another day just tumbled in
As your heartbeat moved along,
For still your face was only smooth
And your step was strong,
No matter how you moved
Tomorrow never came
Like it did for other folks
Who said it came too soon.

For you cannot older grow
Your days will never end,
Your life remains the same
Your children will not leave
They just move around the bend.

And if you only take a glance
The mirror cannot change your face,
For all you see is you today
You stay the same,
The soul God gave you, held secure
Your love will never go away.

So with all my admiration I just want to say
In my heart you can only stay,
Together forever
God bless you always
Have the most precious Grand-parents day.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


The Little Things
It really is the little things
That mean the most of all...
The "let me help you with that" things
That may seem very small
The "I'll be glad to do it" things
That make your cares much lighter,
The "laugh with me, it's funny" things
That make your outlook brighter...
The "never mind the trouble" things,
The "yes, I understand,"
The interest and encouragement
In everything you've planned
It really is the little things you give,
The friendly word or smile,
That add such happiness to our lives
And make it more worth while.
-Mary Dawson Hughes

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