~ Trick Or Treat ~
Something is scratching my window pane
Whatever could it be
I'm hoping it's just a tree limb rubbing
But I'm afraid to go look and see.
It happens to Halloween night you know
The streets are filled with ghouls
There are so many witches and ghosts
But momma didn't raise no fool.
My doorbell rings and I hear screaming
I think I'll go run and hide
I yell to my husband, "Don't open that door!
Don't let them come inside!"
I peek around the corner, tremblin' and shakin'
I couldn't believe my eyes
These little creatures aren't scary at all
Someone had told me a bunch of lies.
So don't let tonight put fear in you
They're just kids looking for some sweets
Just have a lot of candy on hand
When they scream, "TRICK OR TREAT!"

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