Sometimes, many times it hurts
it can hurt too much
and we do not know the where or what
But wish for just a little love,
The world collapsing here on in
as we fall beneath the blows..
crying, does anybody care,
does anybody know,
But deep within,
we somehow long to see
God doing His great work in me..

Then little bit by little
the light begins to dawn
and we see the glimmer of another glowing dawn
God showing what He would have us do
The way to think, re-form a-new
Our thoughts control
Our soul re-born
In faith believe
A trust to hold
each day reveal
our journey, on a path to heal..

God's love unfolds, we know it yet
His peace as something more than real
His presence here to ever feel
The mysteries still, do not reply
but we are tired of crying why
Let go, just trust and rest in Me,
is always all He ever said
Take little steps, for you are kept
forever warm
the struggle onward is no more,
I won the blood I gave
your life to save
My life in you is now enough
You're covered now
within My love

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007

To hold onto something with a desperate grip is not the way to die.
I am thinking, of course, of dying to the self.
We clutch so to our rights, hopes, ambitions,
something to which God has perhaps said a plain no.
The way into life is death, and if we refuse it we are refusing Him
who showed us that way and no other.
That love which is strong as death is not only willing to save the beloved,
it is willing to help the beloved to die
that is, to be released from the bondage of self,
which is death, and thus enter the gateway of life.
Elisabeth Elliot

Archbishop Fenelon wrote to the countess of Montberon,
"You want to die, but to die without any pain....
You must give all or nothing when God asks it.
If you have not the courage to give at least let Him take."

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