~ I Survived!!!! ~

I wanted to really know,
What trucking is all about.
So I decided to hitch a ride
The next time my son went out.

When it came time to go
I climbed in the cab with ease.
I thought as I sat upon the seat,
“This is going to be a breeze”.

As we started out of town,
I sat so tall and proud.
Then he hit the jake brake,
Oh my, they sure are loud.

We rolled across three states that day.
I was beginning to feel at ease,
And then we hit Chicago,
Oh, that made my blood freeze!!!!!!!

I held on for dear life,
As through traffic we did soar.
“Oh Dear Lord, please help”, I prayed,
My feet firmly on the floor.

From Wisconsin, down to Texas,
The miles just rolled along.
Oh the country I did see,
Just filled my heart with song.

By the time we got to Dallas,
He was cranky as a bear,
For he drove most day and night,
To get his cargo there.

The warehouse was hard to find,
“I have no idea where they are”, he said.
“Why don’t you stop and ask for directions”?
That’s when something sailed past my head.

I thought I’d take some pictures,
And not make such a fuss.
But all that I could see
Was the car, just inches in front of us!!!

Yes, they are always in a hurry,
Not enough time to make it through.
So, when you see one, best get out of the way,
Or they just might run over you!!!!!!!!!


 Lu Dube © 3/5/05

~ The Trucker ~

The highway rolled on endlessly,
As he drove the lonesome miles,
“I got your back door” he heard,
Oh, that brought on some smiles.

“You’ve a four wheeler on the shoulder,
At north bound fifty nine”
“With a full grown sitting southbound,
I just can’t make any time”.

“West bound bear rolling
At one seventy three”,
Oh, the trucker language,
It’s all so strange to me.

Picked up a load in Ohio,
That was South Carolina bound,
From there he headed back north,
And then was westward bound.

He stopped to catch his logbook up,
Had to figure times and miles.
Sometimes he thinks he ought to stop,
And just stay home awhile.

He has a girl back home,
They plan to marry next year,
She would like him off the road,
Cause it fills her heart with fear.

The road has gotten in his blood,
It runs so strong and true,
But now she wants him home,
So he’s not sure what to do.

He thinks he should drive awhile,
Save up money for their home,
He told her then he’d get off the road,
And never more would roam.

So now she sits there waiting,
For his return some day,
She knows he will be back again,
And maybe this time he will stay.


Lu Dube  © 2/27/05
Dedicated to Sean and Katie


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