~ True Love's Passion ~

Passions rage against the storm
The pounding of the violent sea
Whilst, inside, they're safe and warm
They listen to it quietly

Within the hearth, embers burn
He lifts her hair to place a peck
She rubbed his back; now it's her turn
One quick kiss, there, on her neck

Upon her shoulders, well-worn hands
He's touched just every inch of her
She shivers and he understands
No need of words or to confer

Alabaster skin, so creamy
How many nights they've loved like this
Firelight in the room, so dreamy
He bends to place another kiss

She leans back against his chest
He tilts her chin up to his lips
The blanket slips, revealing breast
He journeys with his fingertips

For thirty years, in passion's hold
Not unlike the sea outside
They've loved completely, wholly, bold
Since the day she was his bride

Lone teardrop streaks a wrinkled cheek
As she lies beneath him, still
Too overwhelmed by love to speak
She loves him now, and always will

They ignite, as embers die
Neither of them feels the chill
Above, she hears a tender sigh
He loves her and he always will

Rain slides down the window pane
Waves beat down upon the shore
They have each other, and the rain
The two shall love forevermore

Faerie's Heart Songs
Tracy R. Cardinet 2008



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