~ Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction ~

Truth is an awesome thing,
One can always remember
What came from the heart
And out of the mouth,
But when deception and
Lies are about
Itís more difficult to
Recall where youíve been,
And a little seed can conjure
A wicked sprout.

In the boxing arena
Truth will always win the bout
When pitted against lies,
For God has said lying is one sin
He doth despise
Out of the abundance of the heart
The mouth speaketh,
It isnít what goes into the mouth
That defiles a person,
Itís what comes out.

There is never anything to
Gain from lying,
But there is everything to
Gain from being truthful,
Some people can not handle
The truth...
Nor itís diction;
Yes, Truth is stranger than fiction


Janice Bumbalough Marler © 2005


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