~Turbulence ~

Ocean waves of sadness
seagulls mourn the loss
murky waters hinder
pain within its moss

Along the shore our footprints
have drifted out to sea
with the tide has taken
days of you and me

Upon the floor you're nestled
to dream in shades of blue
while all my dreams are clouded
with every thought of you

Far below the surface
tangled in the weeds
lie our hopes of yesterday
as do future dreams

'Pon the sandy beaches
where we used to walk
I still can feel your presence
remember all our talks

Can you feel me yearning?
or know the tears I cry
can you hear my calling?
soft whispers to the sky

Ocean waves of sadness
no footprints in the sand
'neath the murky waters
searching for your hand


Rose Marie Streeter 2006

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