~ Turn To The Light ~
I know it's kinda' late
And I hope I didn't wake you
I just need someone to listen
I just need someone to talk to.
You always offer such good advice
You help to make everything so clear
Do you have a moment to listen?
Will you be willing to lend me your ear?
I've been depressed a lot lately
I just don't think I can go on
I have nothing really to live for
No one would miss me if I were gone.
Nothing ever seems to go my way
Everything I try turns out wrong
No one seems to want or need me
I don't feel that I belong.
I go through each and every day
With no direction in my life
My insides ache all the time
Like someone cut me with a knife.
Why are these things happening to me?
Why am I in such a rut?
Why is my reasoning always fuzzy?
Why isn't everything clear-cut?
You say that you can help me
You know exactly what I should do
There is someone who can help me
Turn to him and he'll see me through.
All I have to do is pray
On bended knee ask him to intercede
He's been waiting patiently to hear from me
His message I'll need to heed.
Okay I'll do what you suggest
Thank you for listening to me
I'm sorry I bothered you this night
You say Jesus holds the key?
I'll let you go so I can pray
I want Jesus to hear my plea
I want to feel like I belong
I want once again to be me.
Dear Sweet Jesus can you hear me
I'm at a loss at where to begin
If you can read my mind, my heart
Then you know that I have sinned.
Please lift my burdens and this depression
Please make me whole once again
I've lost my way and my belief
This healing you need to begin.
Oh Lord, My Jesus, My Savior
I feel your love pouring throughout me
How did I ever lose my way
How come I couldn't see.
That you are my salvation
You died on the cross for our sins
Blessed be thy father
My soul, my heart you did mend.
My dear sweet Jesus, I'll spread your word
You've brought me into the light
You've healed my mind, my soul, my body
You've saved me from an endless night.  Amen!!
Chee Chee Martin 7/2004



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Midi "Prayer" by Yuko Ohigashi
2003 used with permission

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