Aspen Gold

~ Two Hundred Years Ago ~

In my heart I dreamed of us together
In these dreams it is like I can remember
Being a trapper in the northern wilderness
Understanding only friends of the land where we were blessed

I was trading at a village, when my heart skipped a beat
As the most beautiful woman came to trade with me
She offered help for me to learn of her ways
Gave me a blanket, so warm my night would stay

I often stopped then, at the village to see
This beautiful maiden that was kind to me
One early summer night, it grew cold just after dark
The tent fire's warmth she offered, this became the first spark

Together we had a family offering, spirits their due
Sweat lodges and fasting, so child's name we finally knew
Living with the land, together we shared a life
So much passion was a pleasure, when calling her wife

It happened in a white city in a crowded place
But that home was not my ancestor's ways
For back there with her in the night, the singing
Of the wolves honored the Great Spirit's bringing

Then I would wake, with her right beside me
Would be like the dream never ending I see
Yes, technology has exploded satellite TV
With her lying there beside me, a dream I never leave

So this white man to his native queen I say
Been over two hundred years if it has been more than a day
Our love has spanned the ages, a life or two or three
How much happier could this white man ever be


Gary Salter 2005


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