~ UhOh...You Have My Heart ~

Will cupid get to me
No sireee,
I have my wits about me
Oh yes... I'm stable,
I have my feet planted firmly
on the solid ground
No waft of sweet perfume
Shall race my heart around.
I have plans for the future,
I must pursue
Dreams to fulfil,
So much to do.
Ah, no cupid is going to have
my heart all pitter patter,
all unglued
No siree..
I have my life all organized
of such serious matter,
Like... I shall travel,
There's a life to be had
And save for that new car
I want... so bad.
So there I was sane of mind and soul
with myself all set,
When whoosh there it went,
My heart all but left me
He got me fair and square,
And I don't care two hoots
For quite out of the blue we met,
That little cupid hit me like a beaut
and I am done, love up and bit,
Oh my valentine it's true
All unashamed I am to confess
That I love it
that you stole my heart
For I love you, oh yes I do.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

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