Uncle Oscar {1}

I heard them fancy folks
that rode to town with me
A-braggin' 'bout a oscar
I listened carefully

Shucks, I said to myself
I got a oscar too
If he'd just sober up
I bring him in to show you

But he won't take time
To vis't any one
Away from that moonshine
from morn' til' day is done

But the way them fancy folks
Talked about his worth
Was very excitin' to me
cuz I'm kin to him by birth

But about him bein' gold
I did not understand?
'Cause he ain't made of much
only just a man?

They got off the bus
And went on their way
But I missed my stop
Ponderin' all they had to say?

How was my uncle oscar
Connected to any of them?
He never goes to see 'em
They never come to him

Oh well, us country boys
Can't figger' too much out
Just leave it go for now
Too much to think about

And as for settin' him
Where all the folks could see
That was very hard,
For me to ever believe!

Betty Hill


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Uncle Oscar {2} - coming soon!

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