~ The Universe ~

As I see the universe,
it is made of many things:
land, buildings, people.
It is the total accumulation of things.

As I see the universal,
it is the affect of many things:
knowledge, interests, ability.
It is the including of all things.

As I look out at the universe,
I see the substance of things:
moon, sun, stars, clouds.
It is a completion or gathering together of things.

As I ponder the source,
the totality of creation:
wisdom, truth, love.
I know these are important things.

As I contemplate the world,
the reality of a Creator:
mountains, lands, seas.
I realize God's superiority in all these things.

As I look within myself,
the feelings in my heart:
emotions, righteousness, love.
I know who put it there, My God, maker of all things.

As the realization of oneness,
stirs my inner being:
spirit, soul, inner awareness..
I found my life consists only of God's things.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne © 2005


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