~ The Unseen ~

All the truths of Christ's teachings
Are not mere fiction, or philosophy
Unseen Heaven is very real
As real as you, and me

We forever seek tangible evidence
Of things unseen to the naked eye
But remember, people of Christ's own day had seen
And in the end, still condemned Him to die

The invisible is always a challenge
Where the visible is easy to take
These things we now see are all so real
So things we don't see must be fake?

I beg to differ with the latter
As the Heavens call to us each day
I know there is a place prepared for us
When our life here passes away

Jesus taught us the beatitudes
And taught with His Sermon on the Mount
He spoke of Heaven as a real place
So, I believe Him, without any doubt!

Thinking anything less, would brand Him a liar
A common person, a fraud, and a fool
Is this how you feel about Jesus?
That His words were merely a tool?

A tool to mislead you in chaos
With His teachings as thin as the air
Jesus would never say such things
For in Him, we find comfort there

So remember to view with your heart
All these things you cannot yet see
For in the end our eyes shall be opened
And with the Lord we'll forever be


Debbie Looney 3/2005
Dream World of Inspiration



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